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      About uss關于我們

      TAIZHOUSHl JANOME SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD. is a set research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the professional manufacture of thick material sewing machine enterprises. Specializing in the box Bags, handbags, clothing and footwear for industrial sewing machine R&D, manufacturing, sales. Have a complete set of quality management system and advanced qualitytesting instruments And precision machining equipment, with independent ability to develop products.

      Since being put intothe domestlc and international market, yakumo brand sewing machine, wlth good qualit、l11 excellent professional technology and perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale Serviceto win the majority of usersconsistent praise, markets and servicesthroughout the country, formed a set of marketing, technology, service and support services in one network.


      • New Direct-drive automatic shear line under composite feeding thick material sewing machine (voice broadcast) YK-0330S-D3/D4 + Learn More +
      • Long arm single needle /Twineedle heavy dub/ compound Feed lockstitcher YK-6520/6520-2-D3 + Learn More +
      • Post-bed compound feed lockstitch sewing machine YK-8610/8620 + Learn More +
      • Single/double needle heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine YK-4400/4420 + Learn More +
      • New model heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine YK-6330/6330-2 + Learn More +
      • Direct drive double needle heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine YK-6330-2-D3 + Learn More +
      • Direct drive Single needle heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine YK-6330-D3 + Learn More +
      • Direct drive Single/double needle heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine YK-5400-D3/5420-D3 + Learn More +
      • Single needle / Twi-needle heavy duty compound feed lockstitcher with trimmer (Pneumatic footlifter, Pneumatic reverse feeding) YK-5400-D2/5420-D2 + Learn More +
      • High - speed up and down compound feed single needle chain sewing machine YK-0303-SFJ + Learn More +

      Professional production

      Zhenshanmei sewing equipment co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of thick material industrial sewing machine, which integrates r&d, manufacturing and sales.Specialized in shoes, hats, bags, handbags, clothing for industrial sewing machines research, production, sales.Have a complete quality management system and advanced quality testing equipment and precision processing equipment, have the ability to independently develop products.

      Perfect service

      Since the company into domestic and international market, relying on excellent quality, exquisite professional technology, as well as the perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service has won the unanimous praise of users, market and service throughout the country, formed the integrating marketing, technical support service network.

      Scientific management

      Company in line with "through the ages, strive for perfection" the quality policy, "scientific and technological innovation, create classic" corporate purposes, continuously improve improve themselves, to establish a set of effective and scientific production and 7 s management system, relying on the abundant production technical force and perfect after-sales service system, fast and stable to provide high quality products to our customers.

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